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$5000 Grant Available to BC Small Business

Published by Charles Brodeur

The BC Government has a $5000 grant available to businesses in British Columbia looking to become more competitive in their market place. This grant has now expired.

The grant is to be used to increase productivity, support the introduction of new technology, support the introduction of new work processes, enhance international competitiveness, or introduce new innovative strategies to increase the long term competitiveness of the firm.

You can spend the grant on a wide range of services and choose any service provider you like. For your convenience we have listed two eligible services designed to get your sales team more productive and motivated to sell
Both services are custom designed specifically for your sales team. We are tailoring the services to fall within the allotted $5000 grant and should be able to save you a few dollars in the transition to selling more using online technologies.

The basic details are as follows.
  • Available to BC Corporations, Partnerships, or Sole Proprietors
  • For small business ( between 4 and 50 employees)
  • A grant of $1500 per employee (owners with less than 10% equity are eligible, too)
  • Maximum subsidy is $5000
  • Funding is a grant not a loan
  • Can be applied to new technology to help you sell more effectively
  • Funding can be used for a wide variety of services focused on sales training or productivity
  • Available to Not-for-Profit organizations as well.
The government has an official notice that reads:

“The Ministry of Advanced Education and Labour Market Development has established a new initiative, the Workplace Training for Innovation Pilot Program (WTIP). The program is designed to provide funding to eligible employers with less than 50 staff for the employee training of their choice, delivered by the training provider of their choice. Through WTIP, employers decide on the training and the training provider best suited to assist them to improve productivity, enhance competitiveness, and/or introduce new technology, equipment, or work processes. There are hundreds of training options available across the province for employers to choose from, including colleges or private training institutions. The Ministry of Advanced Education and Labour Market Development has not pre-approved nor endorsed any courses, programs, or training providers with respect to WTIP. For more information, please visit the WTIP website or contact the Program Administrator (Chemistry Consulting Group Inc.) toll-free at 1 877 365-5757"

The grant application has expired.

Best of luck.


Charles Brodeur
eCommerce Consultant
BigTurns Professional Services Ltd 
Vancouver, BC V6E 4R1

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