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Avoid the Website Trap: New Thinking for Small Biz Websites

Published by Charles Brodeur

While 87% of small businesses have a website (Forrester), many of these businesses are being let down by inadequate tools. In response, online software startup BigTurns has a platform, a web-based application that completely replaces traditional web hosting with a fresh, business- oriented approach. BigTurns is the world’s first web hosting platform that automatically tracks and profiles visitors on your website, creating a complete picture of customer behavior. This empowers business owners to know their customers more intimately, make better business decisions and ultimately improve profits.

The Website Trap Endangers 10 Million Businesses

Over 10 million small businesses in the US made their online business a priority in 2006*. Many of these businesses, however, are in danger of floundering in the complexity of running an online business. BigTurns CEO Charles Brodeur calls this the Website Trap. “The website trap is where you get stuck thinking only about web pages, and your measure of success is the number of pages viewed in any given day.” The number of people visiting your web site is indicative of interest, but it is missing the bigger picture, he said. “Which is better, 100 customers who spend $10 each, or 10,000 customers who spend nothing?” While the need to have high quality traffic has long been understood, Brodeur believes that the tools currently employed by business owners aren’t as helpful as they could be. “Great businesses are customer centric. Why isn’t web hosting the same?”

A Customer Centric View of Your Website

In bright contrast, BigTurns puts customers and their actions squarely in the spotlight. Instead of emphasizing web pages, the heart of BigTurns is a central customer database that tracks and profiles your customers. “This lends itself to a more bottom-line, business focused view of your website, which is far more useful to a business owner” Brodeur said. “When your customer Bob makes an inquiry on your website, with BigTurns you'll see at a glance that this is the same Bob that spent $100 in your online shop last week, loyally reads your email newsletters and has made 4 previous inquiries.”

End-to-End Business Understanding

Integrated Email marketing is another example of the end-to-end business understanding that BigTurns brings, according to Brodeur. “BigTurns can tell the effectiveness of an email campaign, down to a specific dollar value,” he says.”I can tell you for one campaign, 13% of respondents filled in an inquiry form on your website and 5% purchased a new widget. In a glance you know that one email campaign brought in $7,000 revenue. That’s the advantage of having BigTurns running your online business.”

BigTurns runs inside any web browser with no downloads required, and no time consuming setup. The software will be offered on an affordable subscription basis comparable to current web hosting costs. Currently you can request an invitation to use BigTurns for 30 days by going to

If you’d like more information on BigTurns, a live product demo or an interview with Charles Brodeur, please contact BigTurns at 1-888-324-4012

Research Sources

Data Source: Forrester report: “Making Sense Of Hosted Commerce Platforms” – 44% of small businesses (roughly 24 million small businesses are operating in the USA) listed internet or ecommerce initiatives as a priority or critical priority.

  • Source: Forrester report: “Profiling Small Businesses’ Internet Usage” – 87% of small businesses have a website.

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eCommerce Consultant
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