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B2B Mobile Commerce Trends 2015

Published by Charles Brodeur

There is breaking news for B2B organizations that have not yet fully adopted mobile and online commerce. Companies that fail to respond to this change may experience a decline in revenues, market share, and profitability. Business and industrial customers are turning to mobile as a platform to conduct research, plan procurement strategies, and conduct business. They are quickly following the trend established in the consumer (B2C) world, in which mobile devices play a central role in connecting buyers with sellers. 

Contrary to the beliefs of some B2B executives, most customers do want to make business purchases online. From paper clips to medical devices, the reality is that a new wave of agile, omni-channel commerce that places mobile first and includes responsive web design, allows customers to order from anywhere. They demand many of the features commonly available in consumer commerce, such as fast order fulfillment, order replenishment, order details, account history, and profile management. They expect to receive accurate shipments that may vary in quantity and selection each time.

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Charles Brodeur
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