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Email Marketing for your Sales Team

Published by Charles Brodeur

Do you need to generate more sales?  Do you want to fire up our sales team?  Is your Marketing Department producing good quality leads?

One of our clients has a very effective way of using the BigTurns Email Marketing Platform as a calling list for his sales team and I would like to share his methods and successes with you here.

First, you need to know about the Email Marketing Platform.  The BigTurns platform is hooked into the BigTurns Analytics and Reporting engine.  That means that when you send out an Email Blast you will have access to the following Data:

  1. Who Opened Your Email
  2. Who Clicked on a Hyperlink in your Email
  3. What Hyperlinks were clicked on the most
  4. What Products were Bought as a direct result of your Email
This is very powerful information.  You will know, in real time, who opened your email and whether or not they clicked on a link or not.  You will know who is interested in your products and who is not. You will know How many times they opened your email and how many links they clicked on.  You will be "BIG BROTHER" watching your contacts interact with your email campaign.

This is a snapshot of the Email Marketing dashboard for each campaign.

So how do we put the Email Marketing Platform to work for our sales team?

  1. Create a list of contacts from your database to send an email campaign to
  2. Create a relevant email campaign and send it to your list of contacts
  3. Open you "Live Feed" report to see who is opening the campaign
  4. Generate a report detailing only the contacts who opened and who clicked on what hyperlink
  5. Start phoning the list of contacts who opened and clicked on your email

The contacts who opened and clicked on your newsletter are arguably the most interested contacts you have in your contact list. These contacts are now considered "warm" and should be more receptive to a sales call.  Your call could go something like this:
"Hi.  It's Charles calling from BigTurns.  I'm following up on the Email we sent you.  Did you receive it?"
You know that they received it.  You know that they opened it and what hyperlijnks they clicked on.  You will know right away if they are lying to you or if they are interested in your offer.  You have a warm lead, you know what they are interested in.  And thanks to the Email Marketing Platform you can have an intelligent conversation about your clients interests.

Please visit the BigTurns website to learn more about the Email Marketing Platform

Charles Brodeur
eCommerce Consultant
BigTurns Professional Services Ltd 
Vancouver, BC V6E 4R1

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