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Happy Customers Generate More Customers

Published by Charles Brodeur

That’s why ratings and reviews are such powerful conversion drivers – and such a vital part of any product information management initiative.

Customers actively look for recommendations before they buy. Here’s why you should embrace reveiws:

  1. Most reviews are good: the worldwide average for product reviews is 4.3 out of 5.
  2. 80% of reviews on the site of a given retailer are written by the top 20% of their customers (by lifetime value).
  3. Users pay attention to social signals like reviews.
  4. Listings that averaged three or more stars in reviews took 41 out of 47 clicks.
  5. The volume of reviews matters. 29 of 47 clicks went to listings that had at least four reviews.

But what about the bad reviews? Yes, you’ll get those, too. Even water and gravity have haters. And seriously, would you trust a product that only got raves and thumbsups? Negative reviews signal credibility and authenticity.

They show you’re not hiding anything. And sometimes, they say more about the reviewer than your product.

When you integrate ratings and reviews with your product data you ensure they’re available across all channels, when and where they’re most needed.

Download an article onTthe Informed Purchase Journey here:

The Informed Purchase Journey The Informed Purchase Journey (1254 KB)


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