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The Benefits of All-In-One

Published by Charles Brodeur

Last weekend I moved into a new house. In the usual flurry of last minute craziness, I managed to pack my stuff and get my furniture to the new house. Now I've got a list of things to do: 

  • connect the electricity
  • connect the phone
  • connect the gas
  • connect the internet (most important, of course)
  • change address with my bank
  • change addresses for magazine subscriptions
  • change drivers license address
  • change health insurance address
The list goes on for about a page!

What if I could do it all in one step?

If instead of calling 20 different numbers I could just call one? Imagine the time it would save!

Now maybe such a service exists, I'm not sure. But since I don't move every week this isn't a problem I really urgently need solved.

I do, however, need to manage my ecommerce business on a daily basis. And unfortunately managing an online business these days requires logging in to many different tools and interacting with them all on a daily basis. So it's a lot like when you move house - but you have to do it all the time!

That's why all-in-one matters so much - it's about saving time and being more productive in the time you have.

Running an online business shouldn't be like moving house It should be centralized, streamlined to make your life easy and setup to increase productivity.

We hope you'll agree that BigTurns does just that. I hope you agree.

Charles Brodeur
eCommerce Consultant
BigTurns Professional Services Ltd 
Vancouver, BC V6E 4R1

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