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Top 10 Email Marketing Must Haves

Published by Charles Brodeur

At BigTurns, we provide the software for all businesses to easily create, send, and track their email marketing campaigns. But we don’t stop there. We have an amazing technical support department to help you every step of the way, Account Managers to make sure your campaign begins with a bang and stays successful, and a product that is very easy to use. As much as you want your business to succeed, we want to help your business succeed.

We know how busy your Holiday schedule is and since we're all gearing up for the upcoming busy season, we’ve put together a quick-read list of what we think are 10 very important “Must Have’s” for a successful email marketing campaign.

10. Email Marketing Service Provider

Using an email marketing service provider gives you an immediate boost towards the success of your email marketing campaigns - it's imperative that you choose the right one for your needs. Whether you use BigTurns or another platform, you’ll see much better results in numbers nine through one, below.

9. Design

The design of your email newsletter is much more than how pretty it looks. The design of your newsletter may effect open rates, click through rates, and deliverability. When thinking about design, you need to take into consideration leaving plenty of white space, the ratio of images to text, how much HTML you’re using, and of course readability.

8. Content

Do you have too much or too little content? How do you make sure your content is fresh each and every month? A lot of this is going to depend on your industry, your newsletter, your readers, and your message. The most important thing to remember is relevancy. You must always cater to your reader’s needs and expectations of your newsletter. An important thing to remember is, this is just an email newsletter, not Tolstoy; most people will be reading your message at their desk and we know how short average attention spans are. Keep it short, keep it relevant, and keep it interesting!

7. Subject Lines

Most of us have developed a little ritual we follow when checking our email. Initially, most people may look first at the subject lines to determine whether to read a message. Regarding subject lines, a good strategy is to have one part of the subject line be consistent, and the other is variable. This way recipients can recognize your newsletter when it comes in, as well as get a small taste as to what type of information might be featured for that issue.

6. From Name

Studies show that recipients glance at the “From” field to see if they recognize the sender’s name or email address and only if they recognize the "From" name do they look at the “Subject” field to see if it’s of interest to them. This is why we recommend using a "From" name that is either your organization’s name or a well known person within your organization —- and to keep that name consistent with every mailing.

5. Deliverability

A reputable email marketing service provider will take your deliverability into their own hands. When you use an email marketing platform, you don’t have to worry about black lists/white lists or dealing with internet service providers. When it comes to getting in an inbox, all you need to worry about are your subject lines, your message’s content and the quality of the list you’re sending to.

4. A Good List

Speaking of the quality of the list you’re sending to —- how does it look? You want a list that was built from the ground up that includes people who have made a purchase, signed for the newsletter, or have otherwise opt-ed in to receive your email messages. A bought list is a no-no. Bought lists will lead to spam e-mails, most of which will never even make it to people's inboxes - a big waste of money and time. And besides, an e-mail marketing service provider like BigTurns won't let you send to a bought list because it will affect deliverability for you and everyone we send messages on behalf of. This is important: a bought list will result in complaints and unqualified leads.

3. Tracking

One of the best, often overlooked attributes of an email marketing service provider is the ability to track how a message performed and how people behaved. With in-depth tracking, you can look at when a person opened a message, how many times they opened it, what links they clicked on, among other things. These will be good factors in deciding the next send days/times, content, or even layout of your newsletter. Tracking can also help you segment your contact lists based on identifiable interests - no more guessing! You know what they say, once you’ve used a service that allows you to track, you’ll never go back.

2. Time

You need to expect to put time into your email marketing campaigns. You need time to build a good list. You need to put time into writing content. You need to put time into editing your newsletter. You need to put time into tracking the results of your message. We all need time in a bottle.

1. You (or your organization)

As awesome as it would be, your newsletters don’t get created, written, or sent by themselves. You are the only person that can make a quality newsletter on a regular basis. The ideas for content have to come from you, the creativity has to come from your brain (or collection of brains) and you have to bring it to completion and press send! An email marketing campaign is just like any other advertising or marketing—you have to have a plan of attack and put forth energy into it in order for it to be successful.

Well, there you have it: a quick list of things that are “must haves” for a solid foundation for your email marketing campaign. Obviously there are many more factors to consider, no top ten list is the end all be all. These should serve as a light on the path of your email marketing success. Here's to you and a crazy successful year.

I hope this helps

Charles Brodeur
eCommerce Consultant
BigTurns Professional Services Ltd 
Vancouver, BC V6E 4R1

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