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Untangling Small Biz eCommerce with Fresh Thinking

Published by Charles Brodeur

Last year over 10 million US small businesses were prioritizing eCommerce initiatives (Forrester), yet the eCommerce world remains a nightmare of confusion and complexity. It’s that nightmare that BigTurns puts to rest with it's all-in-one software, a web-based application that makes running an online store easy by bringing together all the tools that business owners need to succeed. In contrast to existing solutions, BigTurns completely replaces the traditional website-ecommerce pair with a holistic “online business” approach that puts the spotlight on understanding your customers and getting better results – whilst saving time and money.

Marketing Trends and Specialized Systems Slow Business Down

Building an online store is hard work for small business owners. Modern trends in marketing towards blogging and email marketing simply highlight that business owners need more than just a shopping cart. Web analytics and lead management are also high on the list of priorities, but vendor selection is daunting and their approach specialized. “In many cases, business owners are working with a fistful of disconnected systems to manage their online shop. That means they need to waste time importing and exporting data to keep the systems in sync,” BigTurns CEO Charles Brodeur says.

BigTurns - A One Stop Solution

BigTurns takes an integrated approach with a results focused attitude. By incorporating website management, eCommerce and payments, lead management, blogs, and business analytics, BigTurns is a one stop solution. Most importantly, BigTurns offers a customer centric vision of your online shop, with every feature integrated into a central customer database. This means businesses can automatically build customer profiles and track behavior across their online business, to make better decisions and improve profits.

Less Time, Less Money, Better Results

The result is that businesses are spending less and achieving great results. “We’ve got customers telling us that BigTurns' integrated approach is saving them a day of work a week,” Brodeur said. There’s a significant cost benefit too, according to Brodeur. “You could spend 5 times as much for a solution comparable to BigTurns – and you’d need a lot of expensive integration work done by programmers. Our customers are spending less money, and getting far greater bang for buck.”

BigTurns runs inside any web browser with no downloads required, and no time consuming setup. The software will be offered on an affordable subscription basis comparable to current web hosting costs. Currently you can request an invitation to use BigTurns for 30 days by going to

If you’d like more information on BigTurns, a live product demo or an interview with Charles Brodeur, please contact BigTurns at 888-324-4012

Research Sources
Data Source: Forrester report: “Making Sense Of Hosted Commerce Platforms” – 44% of small businesses (roughly 24 million small businesses are operating in the USA) listed internet or ecommerce initiatives as a priority or critical priority.

Charles Brodeur
eCommerce Consultant
BigTurns Professional Services Ltd 
Vancouver, BC V6E 4R1

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