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A 1-2-1 hands on training program for Small Business Owners and their employees.

Designed for both novice and experienced online marketers, the All-In-One Marketing Platform Training Program is a series of comprehensive, hands on workshops that cover online sales and marketing tools for small business. The program will teach you to use the All-In-One Marketing Platform including Website Editing, Email Marketing, Contact Database Management, and Marketing Analytics to help run your business. During the workshops you will import your existing website, create your professional email marketing strategy, consolidate your contacts into one central database, and design a management reporting structure to understand the effectiveness of your online sales & marketing efforts.You will leave this series of workshops with new skills and the ability to apply those skills to your own organization.

The workshop agenda combines instruction and practical exercises to take you step-by-step through all the components of the All-In-One Marketing Platform. In the first part of the workshop you will learn to develop a strong online marketing presence.

In the second part of the workshop you will study Contact Database Management - using your new CRM database software. You will consolidate your contact databases into one comprehensive database, create fields that are custom to your industry and business, identify sales opportunities, and prepare to build a sales pipeline of potential clients.

In the third part of the workshop you will study email marketing - using a variety of reference materials available. Then, in a small working group, you will prepare a complete strategy, identify target markets, segment your database, and create email marketing newsletters and auto-responders.

In the final part of your workshop you will learn the ins and outs of online analytics. Using real world examples you will learn how to identify potential new leads, understand what website content is driving customer visits, learn which advertising channel is sending visitors to your site, and determine the formula to calculate Return on Investment from your future marketing initiatives.

Customer support is included in your tuition. Upon completion of training, you will receive a six month membership package, which includes a online business review, access to our support central database, unlimited email support other special benefits and services. In addition, you may participate in the online Forum, which provides tips and technical assistance to thousands of system users.

Workshop agendas

1. Website Content Management
  • Understand what content is important to your customers
  • How to make Website Edits without the need of a programmer.
  • Website SEO Best Practices
  • Blog writing Best Practices
2. Contact Database Management
  • Contact Database Management Best Practices
  • How to build your database
  • How to follow up with your contacts
  • Staying Top of Mind
3. Email Marketing
  • Creating an Email Strategy,
  • Email Marketing Best Practices,
  • Analyzing your marketing Results
4. Reports and Analytics
  • Reading and understanding your analytics
  • Creating Trend Reports
  • Using metrics to run your marketing decisions

Tuition Details for the Series of 4 workshops
Up to 4 employees may participate in the training at one time
Program scheduling is tailored to the business receiving the training and will be detailed before the program commences.
All training is to be completed within 3 months of training start date

A BC Government Grant for $5000 will cover the training for small businesses >>Learn More