BigTurns works closely with clients to define, articulate and communicate that client’s products, identity and expertise in an effective and timely fashion.

BigTurns' writing services are powerful marketing and advertising tools. Exposure, recognition and recommendation through email marketing, blog postings, press releases, editorial features or product profiles are crucial and can fast track business growth and accelerate profitability.

To reap that exposure and attention, BigTurns writes press releases that are professional, concise and targeted. As well, BigTurns SEO proficiency extends into the writing services adding the additional value of search engine optimization that will benefit client’s search engine ratings.

  • Press release writing (clients provide minimal information/guidelines, we do the rest)
  • Blog Postings (we do it all)
  • Email Marketing (we work with you to target your database)
  • Web Page Writing (clients provide minimal information/guidelines, we do the rest)
For current BigTurns' clients, BigTurns makes perfect sense. With an intimate knowledge of client products, services and markets, producing powerful writing services is the logical next-step.

This saves time and money. Business owners want to deal with many items in the shortest time possible. Why spend additional time and pay a public relations firm additional fees to replicate what has already been done at BigTurns.

BigTurns can handle all writing requirements and hit thousands of crucial contacts, in a timely, cost-effective fashion.
Contact BigTurns and learn how to save time, money and resources on all your content needs.