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It's easy to create a survey using the webform builder. Here are the steps:

1. Launch the webform builder

The BigTurns platform comes with an easy to use webform builder that you can use for creating surveys.

2. Select the Question Type.

By default, the web form will already be set up to collect the title, name and email address of the user. In this example, you'll only be concerned with the custom fields you'll use to collect the survey responses.

3. Enter the survey question

You have complete control. Ask any question you like using the custom webform builder.


4. Add the survey to the desired webpage

You can place the survey on any web page you like. It's easy with the 1-click add to webpage feature.

5. Create a customer report

Reports are custom and can display any information you like. The customer report modle will walk you through the report generation process and then you can save it for future reference.

6. Select the system fields to include

7. Include the survey webform results

8. Generate the report

9. Export to MS excell

You can export your results to Excel, PDF, CSV formats.