We were just wondering:  Have you had any success with your website lately?

We have been researching eCommerce in your industry and have found the 5 main goals for for your website.
  1. Sell Products & Services, (learn more >>)
  2. Capture Leads, (learn more >>)
  3. Build your database of contacts (learn more >>)
  4. Create content & Build credibility in your industry (learn more >>)
  5. Automate Systems (learn more >>)
If your website is living up to your expectations and you are satisfied with your results - Great! 

If, on the other hand, you are a bit frustrated and you are thinking about upgrading, it might just be time to look into an all-in-one solution for managing your contacts, managing your email marketing, hosting your website, and processing payments.

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Our Customers Write:

"BigTurns is the easiest single solution to run all of our online software needs.  We used to have 4 customer databases now we have one. We must save a day a month now that we don't have to sync. Thanks, BigTurns."
 ~ Martin Peet, Discovery Scientific Inc.

"I cannot compliment the guys and software provided by BigTurns Business Systems enough. It is the easiest to use complete web solution available and given the guys' enthusiasm I believe it will continue to be so."
 ~ Steve Behrisch, Onres Software Systems Inc.

"What I believe to be one of the most invaluable parts to BigTurns is their excellent support and customer service which to me installs confidence in the future of this great system."
 ~ Scott Rochester, Rochester Interactive Inc.

"The change has been dramatic, for the very first time we have had the real power of the web explained to us and the service has been outstanding. We are still adding to our web site (it's a growing document) but already we have had more referrals in a month than in the previous year."
 ~ Robert Johnson, Master Coaching