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Google Grants will give registered licensed charities up to $40,000 per month in an advertising grant within the Google AdWords™ program. That's right - Canadian & US registered charities can qualify for up to $40,000 per month in advertising dollars.


The following information has been taken directly from the Google Grants information pages:

About the Program

The Google Grants program empowers over 4,000 organizations to achieve their goals by helping them promote their websites via advertising on Google. Google ads appear when users search on Google. For example, when you search for "world poverty" on Google, text ads related to world poverty appear on the right hand side. When you click one of the ads, you are brought to the website being advertised.


About Adwords 

AdWords is Google's online advertising program where your organization's ads appear on the Google Search Network. You create ads and choose keywords, which are words or phrases that are related to your organization. When people search on Google using one of your keywords, your ad may appear next to the search results and people can click your ad to see your website. You're advertising to an audience that's interested in your organization because you've created a relevant ad and chosen relevant keywords to describe your efforts. You can edit your ads or keywords at any time.


  1. Governmental entities and organizations
  2. Commercial / Goods and Services
      • Car, boat and real estate donation websites
      • Websites with a primary focus on selling goods, products or services
      • Consumer credit counseling
  3. Communities and Groups
      • Programs requiring membership and/or providing benefit solely to members, such as clubs, sports teams, alumni, networking and other membership organizations
      • Religious content or proselytizing on website as well as organizations that use religion or sexual orientation as factor in hiring or populations served
      • Groups serving a primarily political function such as lobbying, think tanks and special interests
  4. Other
      • Promotion of illegal or disruptive tactics
      • Websites serving solely as a portal or directory Websites participating in Google AdSense program

How to Apply

We can help.. Contact us for your free Google Grants application consultation.