As a Small Business Owner, you want to focus on improving your website and marketing initiatives, not managing IT hassles. So leave the IT part to us.

Look at Google Apps Standard Edition, a suite of FREE, easy-to-use online messaging and collaboration tools for businesses,  groups, and Non-profit organizations. It’s all hosted by Google so there’s no hardware or software to install.

As a bonus,  you can integrate Google Analytics to track usage (number of visitors) of documents and sites that you create with the different Google Applications.

  1. Get customized email for your domain (i.e. with Gmail for Business
  2. Share and manage online schedules with Google Calendar
  3. Create team websites as easily as drafting documents with Google Sites
  4. Collaborate real-time on documents, presentations, and spreadsheets with Google Docs
  5. Analyze traffic data for your docs and sites by integrating Google Analytics
And, if you need help BigTurns can set it up for you. It's like having Free software with a service company on call when you need help.

What's the catch?

When you get to 50 users you need to start to pay.Large businesses with 50 or more users pay $50/user. Brown Collage just went Google and they had 9000 users. That's $450,000.  Google is looking for the big fish.