Do your customers call you to pay by credit card? Do you take credit cards over the phone? Do you make your customer fill out a Credit Card authorization form and fax it back to you?  Do you spend time calling customers for payment?  Would your customers find it easier to fill out the "Secure Payment" form online, or call you?

5 Steps to a Seamless Online Payment Processing Forms

  1. Create a webform on your website.
  2. Create a page for the WebForm to be displayed.
  3. Add Credit Card Payment Processing to the webform
  4. Make the Web Page secure (locked with SSL technology)
  5. Use your existing Payment Gateway for seamless transactions.
Once enabled and your customers start using it you will be emailed every time you receive a payment.  To get your customer to start to pay online you can:

  1. add the link to every invoice you send out. 
  2. Email the link to your Aged Receivables. 
  3. Add the link to quotes
  4. and collect payments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
BTW. Your 'Over Due" customers will rather fill out the form then call you.

Take a look at our Secure Payment Form.  Try it out :)

Notice how you write in the amount - any amount.  (That's the trick that BigTurns solved.)  Your customer decides the amount.

And as an added bonus.  The system is PCI compliant (Payment Card Industry) in that the BigTurns platform solves the issue with compliance.