We're currently making several changes "under the hood" to this system, in order to secure a higher level of PCI compliance than we currently hold. These changes will ultimately provide you with a more secure, standards compliant eCommerce solution.

Please take note of the important changes outlined below if you or your clients are using:

  • Process Offline for one-off or recurring billing
  • Authorizet.net for recurring billing
  • eWay for recurring billing

For Users of Process Offline - Action Required ASAP.

For those using our Offline Processing option for online payments, the system will soon cease capturing payment details in the database. Instead, it will email them to designated email addresses via a secure PDF file

The system will no longer save credit card details for Offline Processing. This is to ensure the highest level of PCI compliance. Instead, a new process will be adopted:

  • Credit Card details will be sent to nominated addresses via email in an encrypted PDF file.
  • These emails will be like bank checks or cash; you must not lose or delete them before processing the card details, otherwise the information is lost.
  • You need to provide us with a unique passphrase to lock your PDFs. This is like a bank card's PIN number.
  • You will be able to provide multiple email addresses on which to receive payment details. It will be prudent to name at least a primary and secondary email account, possibly with different mail

For Offline Processing to continue functioning, these details must be entered into the system prior to Wednesday 19 August, 2009.

For Users of Authorize.net and eWay - Action Required ASAP.

Users of Authorize.net you will need to enable "Customer Information Manager" in the Authorize.net administration to enable recurring billing (Learn More). If you are using the eWay payment gateway for recurring billing, you will now need to provide us with your eWay username and password

These details must be entered into the system for recurring billing to function.

Note: This change doesn't affect the majority of customers who do use Authorize.net or eWay but do not utilize recurring billing. For most of you, this is purely a heads-up. Those who are affected have already been contacted directly with instructions.