PayPal has offered to BigTurns' customers a preferred rate for processing credit cards online.  In fact our rep, Ralph, has offered to reduce our clients rates by 25%.  Here's the cost for BigTurns Clients:

2.2% + $0.30 /trans + $35 /month.  No hidden fees | No Set up Charges | 48 Hour Turn around.  Includes Visa and Mastercard. 

Here's what Ralph said (word for word)

"I just let you know what I can do for your customers. If they want to use PayPal as a credit card Processor or Just our Express Checkout service, I can lock in their rate for the Credit card processing as at a flat 2.2%+.30. There is no mid and non qualified rate with us it is always the one same rate.  If they use the PayPal through a PayPal account or use our express checkout rate I can lock in those customers at 1.9% +.30. I just need to know the email address or phone number on their PayPal account once they sign up. I am always available to assist your customers with signing up also"

That's 2.2% + $0.30 /trans + $35 /month.  Sign up with Pay Pal here

If you can find a better rate we will give you $50 for your time. 

With Website Payments Pro you can accept Visa and MasterCard directly on your own website. And with PayPal’s Express Checkout, included with Website Payments Pro, you can accept additional payment options including American Express, Discover, bank transfers, and PayPal. You can also  accept credit card orders by phone, fax and mail with Virtual Terminal—in 18 currencies. Additionally, you can offer automated billing for installment payments as well as subscriptions.

Why go with Website Payments Pro?

It’ll save you time and money while meeting all your processing needs through a single payment relationship.
You can get started right away with a shopping cart that is pre-integrated making set up simple
You’ll reduce your fraud losses, thanks to PayPal’s industry-leading security and fraud protection.