Social, social, everything is social nowadays! Well, BigTurns Platform is getting social too. We're proud of the ease to integrate social media with your website and we have quite a few social features now.

For May release, we're just warming up to a sunny summer by announcing not one, but two social networking modules: Facebook Like, and Twitter Tweet. You can see them in action right now on the Professional Sales Blog.

To use these features now, all you have to do is to insert the appropriate module as explained below.
As we are using Module Templates, the markup generated by these modules is fully customizable by you, and available in the folder  "ModuleTemplates" in the BigTurns file platfomr

Facebook Like

Facebook Like module will generate a Facebook Like button, with custom behavior which can be specified via named parameters. Here's the syntax to use the module in a regular HTML page:

Twitter Tweet

Twitter Tweet module will generate a Twitter Tweet button. Here's the button on a regular HTML page:

What's next

Social networking has a growing impact on how businesses operate online. With the modules above, we're just starting on Social networking integration with BigTurns. Although we have several features already planned, your insights on what would be most valuable will help us to define where to go from here.

Aidan Leonard, managing Customer acquisition team, has a few brainstorming questions for you:

How are your customers using social networks today, and what are they looking for in the future?
Do clients see significant benefits from their patrons sharing links on social networks?
How can we help them understand what their patrons are doing to promote their business?
Are your clients using ads on social networks such as Facebook?
What level of success are they having and what tools can we provide them to maximize the value from their spend?

Looking forward to your feedback.

Let the chatter begin!