Founded in September of 2008, BigTurns Business Systems has been helping small business owners sell more effectively using online technologies. The problem business owners face today is choosing the right software for their business and then learning how to use it. It takes time and energy most business owners don't have.

BigTurns' management has been solving technology issues for companies for over a decade. They know what it takes to grow and the effort involved in technology changes.

BigTurns is a business systems consulting company and a supplier of software. BigTurns contracts professionals for web design, eCommerce and internet marketing. The mission of the company and its partners is to help small business owners sell more effectively using online technologies. All efforts of the BigTurns team are focused on building revenues for their clients.

Drawing from expertise in Small Business, Contact Database Management, Internet Marketing, and Sales Processes, BigTurns has created a All-in-One software suite that reduces overall administration time, increases the effectiveness of a website, integrates marketing technologies, processes payments, and measures effort vs. results.

BigTurns continues to grow and diversify its' service offerings to help small business owners grow their business.

What I believe to be one of the most invaluable parts to BigTurns is their excellent support and customer service which to me installs confidence in the future of our online stores.

Martina A.

Career Opportunities

BigTurns works with a variety of organizations across a range of business sectors, enabling us to offer our employees and contract workers a choice of challenging roles. As an organization, we are committed to providing our staff with a rewarding experience which allows them to develop and grow as individuals, both professionally and personally.

BigTurns has several career paths which include HR/Recruiting, Project Managers, Project Analysts, Web Analytst, Account Managers, Programmers, Copy Writers, Administrators, Telemarketers, and, of course, Business Development/Marketing professionals.

BigTurns believes that an organization is only ever as good as its people, which means that we are always looking for the right candidates to join our expanding team. Whether you are working in our North American office, or contracted as a freelance service provider , BigTurns really can offer you a world of opportunities.

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The BigTurns logo is simplistic in style consisting 2 solid shapes, both of which have been taken from the side of a highway representing the "information highway" nature of the brand.


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